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Stay Ahead of the Competition with GF and Allergy Safe Cakes

Stay Ahead of the Competition with GF and Allergy Safe Cakes


Having recently been diagnosed with a Gluten intolerance and other food allergies, I was prompted to take a look at what I was offering to my customers and their children.  I LOVE cake and so I knew whatever I came up with had to be really tasty and be able to pass as the insanely unhealthy version.

In my research for on food allergies and intolerances, I found that there is a HUGE demand for healthier and allergy-free cakes.  So I began to shift my focus to making them and have already had several orders.  I can see that this type of bakery goods will be the wave of the future.  People are starting to realize what the refined carbohydrates and sugars are doing to their bodies and they are over it. Since it is a bit more expensive to offer this, you will need to charge more for your GF versions of your cakes and cookies. The health benefits make it so worth it for the customer though.

Back to the lab I went and after many failed attempts at making GF cake, I found a website that explained how to make your own GF AP flour!  Thanks to the Gluten Free Girl, I have successfully turned two of MY cake recipes into GF refined sugar-free versions and they are amazing!  All you do is follow her recipe for a GF AP flour (you choose the flours you mix together) and then use it in your recipe instead of the flour normally called for. I use coconut oil instead of butter in those cakes too, it’s healthier and the cake keeps a nice light grain to it.

I also came up with a chocolate cake that is completely grain free and made with zucchini! Although my kids and husband love it, It’s not as convincing as the GF carrot cake and GF chocolate cakes I make now but it’s really good! If your client is on the Paleo diet, you may want to try it or something like it out.

If you are not already offering this option, consider adding it to your menu. Everyone and their mother is now offering GF menus, even Disney World.



Fondant Mad Scientist Tutorial

Fondant Mad Scientist Tutorial

Fondant Tutorial

This is a picture tutorial for making the Mad Scientist on top of the cake pictured to the left.

You will need;

Styrofoam or cake form



Rolling pin

Brush (food dedicated)


Fondant, colors black and white

Gel food colors

Fondant modeling tools or whatever you have on hand that can do the same thing

IMG_3658 IMG_3659

Take two skewer and place them all the way into the foam.IMG_3661

Let’s begin with the feet. Take two small pieces of black fondant and make into smooth balls.IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3666

Roll each piece into a cylinder shape. Then flatten each with your finger. Gently pinch the sides to make the shoe shape. Voila! You have shoes.IMG_3668

Slide the shoes down over each skewer. And dab the tops of the shoes with a bit of water.IMG_3669 IMG_3670

For the legs, I used black and white fondant mixed to make gray.  Roll the fondant into a smooth ball and then roll on the table into a cylinder shape. Hold the leg next to the skewer to see if it is the length you want.IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3676

Use another skewer to poke through the leg. Then roll it gently to smooth it out and pull it off that skewer. Then slide the leg down the skewer you placed in the styrofoam.


Then do the same with the other leg.


Wet slightly, the tops of the legs.


To make the top of the pants, take some of the same color fondant you used for the legs of the pants and roll into a sort of oval shape.


Slide that piece down over both skewers and gently press onto the legs to secure.


Wet the top of the pants.


Trim the skewers down.IMG_3693IMG_3688

For the Torso, roll a piece of fondant into a smooth ball.


Gently press and mold it into this shape.


Slide it down over both skewers.


To make the tie, roll a small piece of fondant in your desired color.


Flatten it.


Place on the torso by wetting the back of the tie.


Cut off the excess with scissors.IMG_3703

Take a tiny piece of fondant and roll into a ball.


Shape it like to knot on a tie.


Wet slightly and press onto the tie. IMG_3710

Roll a small piece of fondant that matches your shirt color and trim the sides so they are fairly straight.


Dampen that piece and position onto collar area.


Trim excess to make collar points.IMG_3718

Insert a short skewer into the neck area. This will hold the head on.

IMG_3719 IMG_3720

Mix up a bit of flesh toned fondant for the head, neck and hands. Take a very small amount and make a “snake”. Wrap that piece around the neck skewer and dampen.


To create the lab coat, roll out a bit of white fondant, fairly thin.


Cut a straight edge. This will be the bottom of the coat.


A rounded edge, this will be the top of the coat.IMG_3729

Straight edges for the sides of the coat.


Hold up your “coat” to make sure it fits around your mad scientist properly and then use a brush to dampen the torso.IMG_3731

Place coat onto the torso.


Trim off the points at the top.


For the lab coat collar, roll a piece of fondant and trim the sides.IMG_3740

Fit it and trim it.


Roll another piece of fondant and cut the lower collar shapes out. They should look like the above picture.


Dampen the lower collar pieces and position on the lab coat. IMG_3747

Begin to add buttons to the coat.


And pockets.


Add stitching if you would like to.

To add arms. Take two short skewers and push into the torso. For this tutorial I had his hands in the air.


To make the arms, take a piece of fondant and roll into a “snake” shape. Then flatten one end.


Indent the inner elbow area.


Place on a new skewer.


Gently roll to smooth it out and pull off of the skewer.IMG_3760 Dampen the part of the torso where the arm will attach and slide the arm over the skewer already in place.IMG_3761

Do the same for the other arm. Trim down the neck skewer.  Add stitching detail.IMG_3722

For the head: Take some of the flesh toned fondant and roll into a smooth ball. Then taper one end. Use your finger to indent the eye sockets.

IMG_3723Use your finger to also indent slightly where the mouth will be.

Should look about like this.the back of the head is a little rounded too.IMG_3766

To make the nose: Take a VERY small piece of fondant and shape into a tiny oval (pictured below).

IMG_3767 IMG_3768

Dampen the spot where the nose will go and place gently without smashing the nose.


Should look something like this.IMG_3770

Make the nostrils by making teardrop shape indentations under the nose.


Push in gently where the teeth will be.


Push a small amount of white fondant into that cavity to make the teeth.


Roll small pieces of fondant to make the lips and dampen to position on mouth.


Should look about like this.IMG_3775

Add tiny white fondant dots to the eye sockets and place the head on the “neck”.

IMG_3777 IMG_3781

To make the mustache and eyebrows, use a small amount of fondant and roll into “snake” shape and add to face with a dab of water.

IMG_3782 IMG_3783 IMG_3788

Add tiny colored dot for the eye color. Then a black tinier dot on top of that.IMG_3793

Make ears by rolling little flesh colored dots and sticking to the head with a dab of water. For the hair, use a brush to wet the entire head where there will be hair.  Start making little “snakes” and sticking each one to the head. This part is a little tedious but the result is really cool! So it’s worth it.


To make the hands follow the steps below.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810 IMG_3813 IMG_3814 IMG_3815

Cut with scissor.


Cut with scissor.


Cut with scissor.


Press palm of hand with ball tool.

IMG_3819 IMG_3820

Dampen and place on arm. Dot he same for the other hand. IMG_3834

I made some minor changes to my finished product. I made purple “gloved ” hands and added goggles to his head and dots to his tie. Do what you want with yours and have FUN with it!

Fondant Hello Kitty Tutorial

Fondant Hello Kitty Tutorial

Fondant Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need;

Styrofoam or Cake form

Toothpicks or skewers

Red fondant

White Fondant

Black Fondant (Teeny tiny amount)

Yellow Fondant (A miniscule amount)

Black Gel Food Color

Vodka (Not to drink with LOL!)

Small paintbrush with a pointed tip (Food dedicated)

Regular paintbrush (food dedicated)


This is a picture tutorial on how to make a Hello Kitty fondant cake topper. The pictures were the best I could do by myself with an iPhone. Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward design so even with the so-so pictures, you’ll be able to catch my drift.

Let’s get started!



Insert a short skewer or toothpick into the styrofoam form.


Knead a small piece of white fondant.


Roll the fondant into a 1 inch smooth ball.IMG_4139 IMG_4140

Begin gently pinching and gently pulling on the ears until they resemble Hello Kitty’s ears.



After a few minutes and some gentle manipulation, the head will begin to take shape. IMG_4143

IMG_4144 IMG_4145

Keep gently smoothing and shaping until you are satisfied with the shape of the head. The head took me less than 5 minutes to shape.IMG_4146 IMG_4147 IMG_4148

Now let’s make the legs. Take another ball of white fondant and split into two even pieces that are about 1/2″ balls of fondant. Roll each one into a smooth ball shape and then gently taper one end.  Place the legs next to each other  and snip some of the pointy tops off so the top of the legs are flat (to hold the body). The legs should be approx. 1/2″ tall after cutting.IMG_4149 IMG_4151

Place the legs on either side of the skewer or toothpick and use a brush to put a very small amount of water on top of them. The body will sit on top of them.IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4154

Take a good size piece of red fondant and roll it into a smooth ball. Then taper one end. Begin pulling down gently all the way around to achieve a dress shape like the one below.IMG_4155 IMG_4156

Set the body through the skewer or toothpick and have it gently rest on the dampened legs.IMG_4157 IMG_4158

To make the arms, take a small piece of white fondant for each arm and roll into a smooth ball. Then taper one end. Do this for two arms.IMG_4159 IMG_4161

Dampen the neck area and a little on the spots where you want to stick the arms on. Do not over wet these areas of the pieces you attach may slide off. Barely dampen them. Your Hello Kitty should look something like this once you put the arms on and then the head.IMG_4162 IMG_4163

For the bow. Take 3 very small pieces of red fondant set them apart. Take the largest piece and roll into a ball. Taper one end, then flatten with your finger. It should look like the second picture when it is ready to apply.IMG_4165 IMG_4166 IMG_4167

Dampen where you want the bow to sit. Place the first and largest part of the bow on her head. Then using the same technique make a slightly smaller piece for the right side of the bow. Dampen and position on her head.IMG_4168

Take a tiny piece of red fondant, roll into a ball and flatten with your finger. Dampen center area of the bow and place the circle there.IMG_4169

Use the end of a skewer to gently indent the inner part of each side of the bow.IMG_4171 IMG_4172

Take a VERY small piece of yellow fondant and make into a small oval shape. Attach to face where you want it to go with a tiny dab of water.IMG_4173 IMG_4177

For the eyes, take two VERY small pieces of black fondant and make into oval shapes then flatten with your finger.  Apply to face with a tiny bit of water. To make the whiskers, I used a little dab of vodka and black gel food coloring and just painted them on.  When adding this character to the top of your cake, use the skewer you built her on and dampen under her feet to hold her on the cake.